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​Columbus Pride was founded by a group of women in the Columbus ultimate community to join the Premier Ultimate League for its inaugural 2019 season. Columbus Pride was created with goals to increase the visibility of elite female ultimate players in the Ohio region, provide role models to young athletes, and compete at a high, spirited level. The leadership of the newly formed Columbus Pride team, Corinn Pruitt, Sadie Jezierski, Emily Steedman, and Mary Turner, are members of and leaders on mixed and women’s teams in the Columbus region and met playing college ultimate with Ohio State Fever. Pride is proud of their grass-roots start and hopes to contribute to the continued growth of the ultimate community in Columbus and throughout the Ohio region.



The Premier Ultimate League, PUL, is incorporated as a 501(c)6 nonprofit and as such, is not owned by any single entity but rather run by a Board of Directors. Currently there are twelve teams in the league from Nashville, Austin, Atlanta, New York, Indianapolis, Columbus, Washington D.C., Minnesota, Portland, Milwaukee and Medellin, Colombia.  

League Mission Statement:

Our mission is to achieve equity in the sport of ultimate by increasing accessibility to the sport for, and visibility of women, transgender, non-binary, genderqueer, and genderfluid people through high-quality competition, leadership experiences, and community partnerships. Our league strives for gender, racial, and economic diversity in the sport of ultimate.

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